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Alana McGee

Hi Alana & Kristin,
Did a long weekend (Canadian Labour Day weekend) of offleash dogwalks and little practice with container exercises. Here is today’s video Part 1 of 2 (to follow) trying to shape or practice the alert. It was counterproductive as when ready to start, I spilled the truffle oil, then lost the cap to the scent tube. Luckily scent sniffer dog on hand to locate the clear cap! Trying to clean myself & spill area made the scent waft everywhere and it seems Fancy doesn’t zone in on it as quick as usual as the smell is all around but she’s still trying. I find it hard to identify additional alerts because she’s so intent on getting the little tin. She seems to do everything so fast, there’s little delay time to wait for it to sink in. By now she is memorizing the routines so I will have to try outside container hides soon. Part 2 of same day video coming up next.

Hi again A & K,
This 2nd video followed within 15 mins of the previous part 1. More of the scent search then “trying” to end with alerts but she still treats the scent tin like a toy. Does it look like she pauses to you? She does drop it but then goes for it real fast again. She seems more than happy to drop whatever she’s doing once I do any of the truffle related matters, like putting the clicker on, getting the scent baggie from the fridge, picking up the 3-set containers. I avoid regular conversation with the t-r-u-f-f-l-e word so she doesn’t get indifferent to it. BTW, did you notice the cat horned in on the video to get her Andy Warhol 15 seconds of fame?