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Alana McGee


Don’t worry about the sneezing in reference to her being allergic to truffle odor. It really does appear as if she is clearing her nostrils either because she is in working mode, or because of some foreign unwanted smell wafting around. Her searching patterns are gorgeous. And as I said previously, you have her working at a pretty advanced indoor stage at the moment. Good work. Keep it up.

Also another thing to note: you are doing an excellent job waiting to say “truffle” until Fancy breaks focus. This is a very hard skill to master as we all have the tenancy to say it over and over again, and it begins to just be noise for the dog instead of a cue. Re-watch video 1 and notice how you say it right when she is stretching…

Make sure after she finds the truffle (such as in part 1 behind the guitar case) to try to reward her quickly (at the source) after the click with her desired reward so she knows that’s what was right! She is a very determined girl, and she keeps at it- which is fantastic- but we don’t want to lose that enthusiasm.

You and fancy are doing great though!

Also, what lesson are you currently on?