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Alana McGee

Hi Alana, Here is Part 1 of 3 that was missing. We did not practice tonight but when I play the video she starts whining. Also – see how much she is sneezing. It is a bit worrisome to me. I don’t know if it’s an alert, if she has a cold or if she’s allergic to the truffle scent. However I was shampooing the carpet the day before the video. I will also post the missing Part 3 of 3 (hopefully I can find it again).

Yea, Alana..I was able to locate Part 3 of 3 concluding with more of the Drop It practice. She whined & groaned when I did playbacks on the videos. She knows they are the training things we’ve done but I can tell, to her it is fun with hide and seek and she wants to “play” it again. I am so happy she is enjoying this and that her eagerness is not waning. Does Lesson 2 come very soon? I am in no hurry and hope I am establishing the correct patterns…just curious. I was a little worried she would not catch on and suddenly the next lesson would come along!