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Alana McGee

Kristen & Alana, this is part 2 of 3 of tonight’s practice. Thought I could put 3 videos in one after another but I guess not. I’ll load part 1 of 3 again then follow up with part 3 of 3. For some reason, Fancy kept sneezing when we began our practice, I hope she’s not allergic to truffles…ha ha ha! What wicked irony would that be?

I hope this is part 1 of 3. Hid the scent tin (which is getting pretty nicked up but not like a pretzel yet!) in a bedroom without doing my usual fanfare & announcement that we are going to play truffle! Although her ears perked up because the wrist clicker makes a certain sound when being slipped on & she knows the sound of the bag all the hunt paraphrenalia is in! Part 3 of 3 to follow. Sorry about all the motion sickness, have not mastered not having 3 pairs of hands to synchronize click, reward, praise & iPad smoothly!

I sure hope this is part 3 of 3. It’s late and my fingers are hitting the Vanish button! Apology for the camera shake…cannot synchronize without another pair of hands. The scent tin is looking ravaged. Closing a lot lately with Drop It for treat practice…am I placing too much emphasis on the surrender of the scent tin…she sure is territorial about it!