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Alana McGee

Hi Kristin, forgot to answer ALL your questions. She chooses one playtime midday when she’s in my office Tues, Wed, Thurs. and carries one toy after another and perches it in her jaw on my lap. At home it’s the same way. She’ll keep bringing an assortment one after another and I have to keep tossing it and she brings it back but she likes to tug of war and doesn’t relinquish it easily. The Drop It exercises are helping her let go lately. All are deflated & destuffed but she enjoys them all, floppy ones, doughnut kong, frisbees, animals, ropes so I can’t tell if one is more popular than another. For sure, her heart is through her stomach though and she’ll keep her eyes locked on the treat hand no matter how actively you shake or entice the toy hand. Weekends I belong to a dogwalking group and we go to big offleash foresty parks in different neighbourhoods. Some are beaches but we usually do the pristine forest & field ones. It’s always a full hour then we have a group breakfast after at 10:30am. As the truffle exercises go, we practice them every night..I think I only skipped one day for probably a personal lame lazy excuse! She really has fun with the hide and seek. I almost expect her to cover her eyes when she’s waiting behind her gate for the cue to “truffle”. In her bed, I did teach her to close her eyes in Chinese and she does that when I put her to bed.