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Alana McGee

Hi Kristin & Alana, Did more of our Drop it, Drop it practice makes perfect homework again, outside on our deck landing at dusk with a breeze through the surrounding shrubbery for a change of scenery. When I take her 2 blocks down the street to the off leash field, there’s no way she’ll bring any ball or frisbee back despite repeating Treat over and over. Plus I usually have to go retrieve the ball or frisbee then she’ll sit at attention for the treat. Hence more of the Drop it exercise! Kristin, about her attention to toy or food, I tested her tonight with several of her fave toys and treat in other hand and she never took her eyes off the treat hand and when I tempted her by shaking her toys, all she did was walk on her hind legs and followed the treat hand up close until she had it. So this one talks through the tummy! Have to attach one more practice with the containers – slow reaction on my part trying to manage the iPad & grab a treat & keep the video trained on Fancy & clicking!