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Alana McGee

Hi Alana, Have to re-message. Lost my thread from timeout! Thank you for hints & reminders which are not obvious to me until you mention them and suddenly I see the significance and importance of noticing them. You convinced me that I should stick with the program and not move the scent into a bigger tin. Instead tonight I practiced with the original tin repeatedly letting her go after it then rewarding her each time I got a “drop”. It worked well. We progressed and I learned the lesson of not justifying an alternative! After some practice with that, I noticed she drops it when she sees me turn my wrist towards the clicker. Perhaps that clicker will need to become a permanent appendage. She is starting to show a lot of eagerness by searching high and low and getting very fast at going after the hunt by being very methodical. First she traces even the sound of where my footsteps went, then it’s quickly over all the known hiding spots finally followed by the nose sniffing high and low until she finds it. Will try to capture more footage this weekend.