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Alana McGee

Uh oh. Time out. Did container exercises tonight and Fancy has taken to pawing each container until it flips over then proceeds to sniff only the one with the tin then flips it over. That’s the good part. The down side of development is that she suddenly decided tonight to steal the truffle tin and I had an awful time trying to wrestle it from her jaws. She just held it tight and so far down her tongue that I was scared she’d swallow it. She wouldn’t let go of it even when I threw down a handful of treats. I was lucky I had some bits of freshly cut smoke salmon skins saved for when she deserved a super reward of several non-stop locatings. Anyway it did the trick and presto “Drop”! I let her find it one more time under a carpet corner but stayed close by so I could grab it first. Cut this practice short since I had panicked and yelled at her when I got worried she’d choke . I just happen to have another identical tin but this one is 3″ across so I’ll switch to that. Alana – can I buy a real truffle to use or is it too soon or would that be counter-productive at this time? My truffle squirter won’t spray so I am just opening the tube to dab the cotton. I will try to capture some footage this weekend. Kristin, in reply Fancy loves treats AND toys (all are disembowelled) and yes, I bought a harness that Alana recommended from MudBay when I was in Seattle for Fancy’s brother Faio’s birthday. She hates when it’s coming & tries to hide but OK once it’s on.