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Alana McGee

Hi, Launie. Fancy’s enthusiasm for the game is much better! Excellent. Now that there are containers involved (that are somewhat rewarding), I would like you to build YOURSELF into that excitement. When she finds the truffle, click and go to her. Reward at the source and tell her how brilliant she is. She is definitely getting excited about the game. Lets make sure you are part of that excitement

Question…does Fancy like food or toys best?

Hold off on moving the box hides outside. Let’s solidify “the game is about the truffle…not the containers” before adding the distractions and added challenges of outside. Also, try some inside sessions on leash. Since you will have her on leash outside (at least at first), lets make sure she is OK with working on leash in the familiar environment. One of my dogs didn’t work well on leash as he interpreted any tension as a correction…this is important to know. Another dog of mine works better on leash. It will be good to know these things before you increase the challenge. Do you have a harness? She needs to be allowed to pull so if you are a stickler about leash walking on a collar, use a different tool like a harness where she knows it is ok to pull you.

Can you put Fancy in another room or crate where she can’t see you placing the truffle?