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Alana McGee

Update on the truffle exercises…I’ve had to resort to conniving as Fancy watches me too closely, memorizes too easily and then surmises where to hunt first. She must have been an engineer in a former life or Sherlock Holmes! So I used a pretend route & map out an imaginary path that includes the real spot. True to form she traced my steps as well as the previous spots but I notice she recognizes a faded truffle odor & doesn’t linger there then continues sniffing more fervently other places til she finds the new one. I hid the tin behind cupboard doors & she found them easily. When she could not open the doors she lays down & stares at the location. She likes to catch the scent up in the air too because I’ve also hidden it higher like under couch cushions. She loves locating under three identical yogurt containers & developed her own flipping technique. time to quit when the containers become a toy hence a day off yesterday. It is like a kid having fun playing hide and seek! Do you think it’s premature to hide the tin outdoors yet? Do I have to toss it so she doesn’t see me placing it? Also should she stay on the leash if outdoors?