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Alana McGee

Hi Alana,
When I had Fancy in Obedience class, it was me that always had a short lag between response and clicking so it was helpful to watch a couple of times the clicker training video. Also your video using the flower pots…duh, I have over a dozen of those kicking around and was using Rubbermaid containers which are annoying to handle. Thanks for the tip. Tonight we did a 15 mins hide and hunt but I know darn well she is watching where I go so I have to change the planting strategy! Therese Williams wrote today that Pat Hastings in Portland said Fancy was the best problem solver in litter evaluation. I did about 10-15 mins of toy toss to practice “drop it” and about 5 mins of sit for click/treat. My pickup time is getting smoother. I’m really glad you mentioned the dehydration after the exercises, I felt bad forgetting about that. Grateful for your reminder.