Reply To: Chat Thread

Alana McGee

Hi Bev- We do have experience with this and with friends and colleagues who do both truffle hunting and competitive NACSW in the US. You are correct the passive alert more in line with competition. Competition and truffle hunting are very different contextually, but do Wolfy a favor when doing it and provide him as many additional clues as possible to help him understand the contextual difference. This can includes things like a different start routine, different gear etc.

We have many students who compete in both. I myself am likely going to be starting my older dog who can no longer work in a forest much on competition odor and will be changing his alerts for those odors to passive ones. Canadian rules for your scent trials are a little different than here and I’d have to brush up on them- but more than happy to consult on the switch.

It won’t necessarily affect his truffle hunting at all, but notice if he starts to offer you a more passive alert in the field (truffle hunting) you can then put the more active related alerts on cue and solicit a more pinpointed approach in the field.