Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi Bev

It is not an issue using a good truffle oil over the real ones. When the opportunity arises Wolfy will transfer over easily.

Taking a second dog can be very distracting to the dog searching, unless they are used to it.

Wolfy does a beautiful search and at (0:17) Wolfy alert and hangs around a little. You do some digging Bev which is great to be working down with Wolfy. Did you sniff around for the truffle aroma? At (1:23) Wolfy does an AMAZING nose hold about 2”s above where you were digging.

Wolfy is very engaged with the whole truffling process. If a dog is digging at a location and you cannot find one, often resetting them by moving them away and then back can help them refocus. The video doesn’t have a wide shot of you working together so a guessing you are about 2’ away from the tree. It stays engaged with you with is great, and you do ask him to indicate again. Did you ask him to ‘review’ the dirt that you had dug up? Sometimes truffles can be so small (or big) that they can dig them up and flick them behind them. Good to ask them to check that material as well as the hole.

You mentioned at the end of your note that both of the dogs were tired. Did you notice any signs of frustration, stress or tiredness in Wolfy before you left the forest?

Good job at setting him up for success, and finishing on a high note. Well done.