Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi: This is week 5/6. Again we do not have real truffles, and I do not have access to them. So we went out to the forest, this time we took my other dog Breezy. We drove up to the forest area, which is on a mountain, Wolfy was excited as he saw me get the truffle tins ready, so he was ready to go since then. I did have him off leash for a bit, and started with some truffle hunting sequences, on leash. I used a longer 15 foot leash too. My other dog Breezy was a large distraction, but good for training. This video I have for you is over 3:30. We spent an hour in the forest looking for spots for truffles, I think it is probably too early for them, but I manufactured after digging around to see if there was a truffle. I chose this to show you as Wolfy is active, engaged, and into the find. So, I do think it was a good training exercise, although, I would not want another dog in a real hunt situation as it would be too distracting, and he does not like dogs in his face, he puts up with Breezy as he lives with her. I gave him his ball and we walked out of the area, so he knew he was done searching, and they were both tired after their adventure.