Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Wow…that first part of the video was very interesting watching Wolfy search in silence. His intensity was there and appears to be searching really well. His animation was the highest I had seen, which is great.

Your handling of the leash in keeping it loose, and holding back to allow Wolfy to lead you around the forest, was wonderful.

Brilliant that you get down to Wolfy’s level, ask him to show you, and then you start digging to see if you can locate it. I couldn’t see, but I think you sniffed the ground for the distinct smell of the truffle? Did you smell anything there other than a good earthy smell? Getting down there with him was the best thing, and having a good dig around in the area and asking him to confirm the location were all BRILLIANT on working to keep the team working together. Be careful in regards to who will give Wolfy the cue to search.

Yes, I agree he was very sure that there was something there, and good job in placing the sample into the hole without him seeing.

Good praise to him when he did locate the truffle.

This was a really good video where the teamwork between you and Wolfy came shining through. Well done.