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I have heard several times throughout my study and communication with TDC that orchard work is very different from forest work–that it requires different skills on the part of both the dog and handler, knowledge of different conditions, etc., and got the impression that orchard work is a whole different animal than forest work. Yet I noticed that with this 3rd level, the text has been updated to state that this class will prepare us for hunting truffles in the forest OR orchard….

So I am wondering: What are the special/additional skills that are necessary for both dog and handler to have in order to successfully work in orchards, and what are the particular factors that need to be considered in an orchard setting versus a forested setting? I would love to be able to work in orchards as well as forests (I already have a few leads on some orchards in my area that are inoculated), and so this information would be very appreciated! It would also be great to get some ideas of exercises/modifications that would help teach my dog the special skills required for orchard work. Thank you!