Reply To: Bev & Wofy


I am posting week 4/5 as I had to improvise this lesson. I do not have fresh truffles to work with, just oil in tins. Which I had on me and one my husband had. We went to an entirely new area, a forestry road on a forest company land. This is open to the public, for various uses. We have been areas like this before, so we have knowledge of it. We spent a total of one hour on this site. We walked in, to the Douglas Fir area, with branches, etc. It is also deer hunting season, and there were deer hunters out there, we did not see any actual deer, although Wolfy ate some fresh deer poop. ;/ We spent quite a bit of time in different areas around the initial starting point, he did dig once or twice and we explored to see if there was anything, and ended up manufacturing quite a few hides. We also manufactured more hides if he was off on deer hunting or showing stress signs. Overall, it was a new area, we did not pre hide tins, and it was an unknown area for truffles, being on forestry land. It was a lot of learning on digging up, two of us, working with him, and a new area. Overall, I think it went ok. I am posting the initial couple minutes, to see what you think.