Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Thanks Bev for this video. Listening to the rain it was a very wet day which is good experience for your training session.

The relationship between you are Wolfy is growing beautifully. I have noticed in the last few videos that there are conversations between you and the camera person (your husband). Whilst working Wolfy I would discourage becoming actively engaged in conversation whilst searching. Your attention should be 100% on Wolfy, and the conversation could negatively affect Wolfy’s searching pattern, he could offer alternative behaviours because of it, and your attention is no longer on him. I do however think that these discussions are insightful and should occur when you have finished the search or if you take a break, but during the searching process yours should be the only voice.

You need to trust Wolfy’s nose, and watch him really closely for his indication sign. If digging is Wolfy’s indicator, move swiftly to him and ask him to show you the sample/truffle for you. You did this beautifully on the first find and in response Wolfy searched again and at 0:12 the sample he had unearthed was relocated. Good timing on the giving him praise. EXCELLENT feeding at source, the first provisioning of a reward can be sped up by having food available in your hand in preparation of the find.

(0:39) Wolfy indicated that he had found something but then walked on as it appears you were still walking forward so he moved with you. Your husband identified that he had dug one up and pointed it out. You did really well in asking him to show you where the sample was and he did another search locating it under some leaf litter. Talking to him to keep his attention worked well for him and he was spellbound by you (or the noise from food bag). You are getting so much lower with him which is great, and the rewarding is getting closer and closer to the source.

(1:29) Wolfy has a wonderful indication and location here. Good rewarding.

(2:16) Wolfy was interested in the ground near where the previous sample had been buried. Looking at how you applied pressure to have him move away from that area, what could you do differently to tell him that there isn’t something there and he can move on?

(2:39) AWESOME team work between you and Wolfy. The food reward was given quicker than previously. When you got down and digging with him it was EXCELLENT and he was with you all the way, a great partnership. It was wonderful to watch.

Wolfy didn’t appear ‘lost’ after locating samples in this training session, and you held his attention well prior to provisioning the food reward. The suggested areas to work on would be: having the food reward in hand ready to give to Wolfy; and feeding at source. Rewarding at source has improved so much in this video, so keep the momentum going. BRILLIANT

A comment made was “he’s doing good in the rain”. What factors do you think helped Wolfy to work better today than on previous days?