Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi: Here is week three. Thank you Karen for your insight on the tins…I am going to do some work on discrimination again. Today we were out in the rain! First time in all the time we have been practicing that we actually had conditions we would probably be working in. We hid 10 hot tins which were there maybe 30 mins cooking in the forest they were hidden and I did not know where they were. My husband put them out with the pink flag tape, but I was not paying attention to the tape. We were outside walking 10 minutes to the hide, (same park as last video, different area) and spent 30 minutes hunting. Wolfy found the first 5 very quickly….He did really well, I, on the other hand was slow on one or two of them, not seeing his alert. Like I said this is the first time in months we had rain and was different for me, but did not bother Wolfy at all! We had a rough start when he went down and incline and it was slippery for me. 🙂