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Hi everyone, I need some help understanding about cooking targets. I am a bit confused…

“Keep in mind that deeper targets need longer to “cook” to allow the truffle VOCs to escape from the surrounding soil.” (from lesson 3) This makes sense to me. It seems that the longer the target cooks, the more the odor will permeate the soil in that spot, and therefore make the target easier to find.

So I am a little confused by this:
“You also should allow the targets to cook. Anywhere from 15 minutes to a more advanced scenario of perhaps a day. Start in the 15 min to 2 hour range. When burying, it takes time for the VOCs to permeate the surrounding soil. By allowing more cooking time you are allowing the odor to concentrate and move in the environment more.”

Why does allowing the VOC’s permeate the surrounding soil add difficulty? Wouldn’t searching for targets that haven’t had time to cook be very difficult since the odor hasn’t had time to permeate the site? Or does cooking make finding them easier up to a point, that is, do they reach a point where there is too much permeation and the odor has dissipated so far that the source becomes difficult to pinpoint?

Sorry to require clarification on this! It just seems counter-intuitive to me that longer cooking times makes locating the targets more difficult.

Thanks to anyone who can offer insight or explanations! 🙂