Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi Karen: Here is a sample of 15 minutes of scent discrimination in the backyard. Wolfy gets ahead of me in the beginning. The round tins are the same ones we used in the forest earlier that day, in the video. The rectangle or sliders were empty. There are 6 hot, 6 empty. If Wolfy hit on the rectangle one I did not respond to it. The round ones I did. I picked the hot ones up, after he alerted on them. Then showed him the other ones, he was not alerting on them. Some of these he is actually in scent…the one at the end, on the deck, is the very last of the 15 minutes and he is somewhat doing the what will get me a click game. He is smart, and we have done scent discrimination exercises before. Sometimes he just picks up a tin to see if he gets a click and reward….time to stop the game when he does this. He has had enough. Overall I was happy with his work.