Reply To: Bev & Wofy


It’s not easy Bev, and the great thing about videoing is that we see learning opportunities. There is nothing wrong with walking away if things are not going well for either of you. Throw out an easy find for him, give him lots of praise and rewards when located, and walk away. Yes, we only see the snapshot of three minutes so miss out on those squirrel escapades and the distractions walking through.

The different tin is a learning bump, and a great idea to put it into a different type of container to identify the various samples. It will be interesting to see if Wolfy gives a different indication depending on the sample type.

The great thing about truffle hunting is that you will get very close and personal with Wolfy. You could confirm Wolfy’s location of sample by going right down into where he indicated and ask him to show you, which brings him back to the sample, and then lots of rewards, and then the gas.

Yes, lots of people say the same thing about ball crazy dogs. Would you every try and give Wolfy the ball within the scent so the truffle could be the cue for the ball to come? Would it work in your favour if he stays with the sample/truffle in anticipation of the ball? Or what if the ball were used as the final reward for a job well done at the end of the truffle hunt? If you clicked just before Wolfy picked up the tin would this prevent the tin lifting behaviour to continue?

You are a great team and doing really well together.

Look forward to seeing the scent discrimination exercise and your feedback.