Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi Karen:
Wolfy was doing really well hunting the truffles, he did get a little distracted and what you did not see was the squirrel alert and a few whoa…what have we here! moments…he was a little distracted. Yes, it seems there were also few more people there then we anticipated and had one lady walk through our search area. Anyway, I was not unhappy with him, and the European tin? I should have put in a different tin for me to tell. The one where in the tree where he puts his head in and then looks up the tree, I thought he found it, my husband said he did not touch it, and it became a discussion on whether he alerted on it or not. He thought Wolfy might of found a squirrel… (my husband trying to be helpful while filming) We let Wolfy have a little rest as in lay down and relax with his ball. His ball is the most important and only reward he really wants, even over cooked meat! He is totally ball crazy! If I could wear the ball around my neck then I would have his attention in a ring for sure! 🙂 I did do a little scent discrimination outside in the back yard with him, but he does get a little bit lets pick up the tin and see if I get a click after a while. Something for me to do again, when he has not been hunting. I might post the exercise after this one, I have not edited it just yet.
Here is a pic of him resting and then going to truffle hunt right after.