Reply To: Bev & Wofy



Here is week 2. We are in the park behind my house. My husband hid the targets 8 in total not under anything, and we waited 20 minutes to go back into the park. Wolfy and I did not know where they were. It took Wolfy about 20 minutes to find them, we decided to take some rests with Wolfy as he was finding about 2 or 3 and started playing or showing signs of being not interested in hunting. Once we gave him a little break then he was on again. He had 2 times he did not indicate the target…I thought it was weird, but in hindsight I used European truffle oil on two not just the oregon truffle. He indicated most of them, except two. Going to test that theory tomorrow with two European that I can mark and see if he does not indicate on it. I had introduced the European, but mostly trained the Oregon oil.