Reply To: Assignment 2


The dog training businesses in Corvallis are already in use during the times that I am available to teach. So I’ve been looking for other facilities in the area. The cheapest place that I could find was $50/hour at the Benton Co Fairgrounds in Corvallis. There are probably more inexpensive places…Need help with ideas other than training facilities!

I did find that I would need to have $1-2 million liability coverage with all of the places I inquired about. So then I started thinking about getting my own insurance coverage thru Business Insurers of the Carolinas. (They offer insurance specifically for dog trainers.) It might be cheaper in the long run to do it this way.

I am having better luck finding a space in Newport, and will be talking with the owner of a shop this week about holding classes there. It looks very promising. She already runs a dog business out of her shop, so solid insurance should be in place. I will verify that when we meet.