Reply To: Bev & Wofy


Hi: Here is our first video.
Wolfy is very comfortable in the forest, having walked and played in them since he was a little puppy.
He is very patient with me , as the first time, I was slow getting his reward out again. This is my new backpack, which I am still getting used to…:) Anyway, the third one, I threw out, when he was looking somewhere else, it is in plain view. The time he took to find the hides was 8 minutes in total. The first two were quite quick the third took longer, then the 4th right away, as it was close to where the one I threw out landed. Thought he did well. This is a park, we have not hunted in before, there are cedar and maple trees mostly, so thought not high to have actual truffles.
Look forward to your input.