Reply To: Karen & Haggis


I was working Haggis the other day and realised that he was actually tracking me rather than searching for the truffles. Although he used his nose for the final locate, the actual finds were through tracking.

So yesterday I decided to check out whether he was working correctly or not. I have not mowed my lawns for a while so the grass is extremely long. So I mowed around the outside and left the middle zone long and undisturbed. Then from my verandah I threw five samples into the long grass. By the time I got Haggis harnessed and bought outside I couldn’t remember where I had thrown them so it was now all up to Haggis and his fabulous nose.

He was fine and found all five of them, although only 3 are shown in the video. At :32 I missed an opportunity to get up close with him and look for the truffle and left him to flounder a little, although he did find it through continual searching.

Attached is the video. Again I have now been able to identify areas that I need to improve. Look forward to your feedback.

Love recording training sessions.