Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Okay, here is our last video for Lesson 6, we went to the park again, sorry about the sirens, I did not even notice them before. Anyway, there are distractions and a different area of the park for hunting. Wolfy was very keen to go find the truffles, he was very quick! We did two finds in what you see for time 2:48…had I known I would have had more hides. I did not have to throw a tin out, although, he did go back to the same hole he dug previously. They were not in an extremely large area, spread out, but they were blind to me, except for the flag tape so I could retrieve them if need be. I thought he was doing very well for the most part. We were discussing the types of trees, because I did not want to discourage him in case there was a real truffle. We are pretty sure there are not any here, as this is a wildlife park but very small and has fir and cedar trees…it is also still very dry here…although, I do not feel I can complain about that. 🙂