Reply To: Tim & Molly


Thanks for info.

All the trees on the orchard have this matting around the base, is this going to be an issue?

Molly has been working well this week, we are doing cooks of 5hrs at the moment. One issue that has arisen is she has made the link between the disturbed earth and truffles. at first she just started checking out every spot that I’d disturbed and any mole hills! now she has started having a bit of a dig at each one. i suppose when I’m on the orchard for real there won’t be any disturbed earth. But my concern is she is using the scent of disturbed ground as a short cut to finding the truffle, rather than focusing on looking for truffle scent.

I’ve been really careful to always contaminate the area and dig false holes, was doing that before i started burying the targets. we have been doing a lot of training recently and she has made the connection that the ground is always disturbed.

Should i be concerned to much about this? any suggestions