Reply To: Bev & Wolfy

Alana McGee

We’ve said it before and will again… Wolfy is a smart fellow!

I see proofing in your future! We’ll go over a lot of it in Lvl 3 coming up- but you’ll be doing that with ribbons I think too. he’s very smart and sensitive so we want to provide the best possible chance for success when we start those drills. Just file that away in the back of your brain…. “Play basic discrimination game in controlled environment —here, your yard— with multiple markers placed close together. Only one having odor.”

Good good good! on the building the game back up in the dirt and the clay dirt. Good of you to make the distinction. They ARE different! Wolfy does have a memory for this game, but that’s okay and expected… makes him have to actively engage his brain and think about it when the truffles aren’t in their ‘usual’ spots 😉

He looks much more peppy today, and very nice paw alerts! Like a different dog, and that smile 🙂 His energy is much improved here. 0:29 it is noticeable. Nice getting down with her at 0:34, and great connection. This scenario is MUCH more relaxed and fluid and easy for the two of you, not a hint of the kind of pressure we talked about earlier 😉 You have nice spacing and back off when appropriate.

1:16 that was good of you to investigate. And YAY wolfy on the delayed rewards. no problem there 😉 in this instance good to note too he wasn’t going to alert again until he had his cookie. one alert for one reward. The boy likes to be paid for his work 😉

This was really nice Bev. Your connection and energy here is WAY more relaxed, and you can see he is way more comfortable. It could be he wasn’t feeling well prior- but this is really nice.