Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Hi: This is the first video working on a precise alert. First I am working in the backyard, which is known to him, and I hid the truffle tins myself and tried to do taping without a helper. So, the first one was around 6 minutes, but there was a lot of turn it on and go get Wolfy. So, it was probably closer to 5 mins. I did manufacture one hide, which he knew as I could tell he heard it land on the ground and he went to it right away. After that he went right into hunting for them, he tends to keep a memory of everything, he has ever learned, I see, as he was trying for the sawdust first, because of previous hides, but I had it in the soil, with coverage. His alert is a paw which has been his alert since he learned scent detection, and the reason I have not competed with him yet, as they want a passive alert. (This is trainable, but I find he loses momentum) I am okay when he gives me nose touches on the tin, and when he shows me with his paw. (He loves the paw) In fact both of those work for me. In the second part, was 3 mins, he was very quick, he went behind the hedge so I dropped the leash, and then he alerted on the pink ribbon, this again, I think is because I had previously trained for elevated hides, and probably had my scent as well as some truffle on it, since I keep it in the bag with the truffle tins, when we train. I was happy to see his bouncy step back and he was working nicely. I wanted to also give him some confidence in finding the truffles in dirt, and or some of the clay dirt, which he did. I was terribly slow in rewards, but lucky for me I think Wolfy is pretty used to me sometimes being slow with the rewards, and is forgiving of this! 🙂