Reply To: Assignment 3

Alana McGee

Bev – Glad you have a location, price and selection of class times. Take a general survey of your clients’ interest and schedule from there. As for filling 3 L1 classes. Stagger them so the first group RAVES about your first session and draws in new students for the next L1 class. For example, you may have an L1 starting in Jan or Early Feb. Then another in late Feb, and so on. You may not offer L2 until you have two-three L1 classes completed so you have enough students qualified to enroll. Plan it out through L3. When students go to enroll in the series, they like to plan the entire thing. Why take L1 if you don’t know when L2 and L3 will be offered? Make sense? Take a look at Erica’s schedule here // She ran several L1 classes March-July leading up to now.

Gwen – Sounds like you have this all under control and perhaps a New Year’s launch would be good for you. Let us know when you decide on a schedule. Lots of variables to consider!

Karen – Your situation is going to be a bit more complicated when group classes are not involved. Nothing we can’t work out, but do let me know what you decide in terms of how you will run the classes so I can structure the access to online content to meet your needs.

Annie – Have you thought about this?

James – What are your teaching plans?