Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Thanks for the great encouragement. I am not sure that Wolfy is actually feeling good, as his enthusiasm is quite a bit less than previously. I cannot see anything wrong with him though. This tape was over 5 mins, but I manufactured a find, and then he found one after and layed down. This time I was way more subdued than yesterday, less encouraging, which I felt he did better with. The last truffle tin I hid I could not find myself, so even though it is not on film, I got my little shovel and scraped around looking for it. Wolfy was watching me, and just as I thought I lost the little thing….Wolfy alerted on it, and I gave him a lot of praise. I was really happy he found it. Now I am sure he gave me a look that if I wanted that so much, I should not bury it in the dirt…silly me! 🙂 Here is our video 2.5 minutes to let you see what you have to say about this search.