Reply To: Curt & Mo

Alana McGee

Nice Line handling Curt!

Were like that first alert as well. You’re doing a wonderful job reading him. When you come over he even offers you the paw which is a really nice indication (even if not fervant) on target that yes, that’s it dad.

Nice cue transition at 1:01. Even without sound we can tell 😉

1:21 nice distance you’re allowing him.

This is a nice space to work in. 1:45 good. This in a freeze frame shot is a perfect example of you providing a lot of information to Mo. Your body is cheated towards the area you’d like him to go, you’re giving a verbal indication here (we can’t tell- but it looks like it) and your arm is pointing a directional towards the space you want to move into. Perfect.

This was a really nice set up with distractions. You guys handle it well.

We see exactly what you are talking about at 2:21. We didn’t really see any indication either earlier on that find in body language. What we will say is he is approaching it from a different angle, so depending on the breeze he may not have hit the scent column unless he was approaching from this side which looks to be down wind. Nice re-alert to show exact location.

He is still a puppy, so the leash play rodeo can be a play break. You do a GREAT GREAT job of giving him some time and the refocusing. Being down on his level really helps.

This is a lot of distraction and he is doing well in it.It is very interesting to notice just what you describe on the proficiency in locating targets when he’s focused.

He’s young, so that mental endurance is building, and will continue to do so the more you practice these games. For such a young lad he is doing fantastic on that score. Focus and impulse control are tough for most dogs under a year. Mo is doing great.

This was a good session Curt.