Reply To: Curt & Mo


Here’s week 5 homework video. When we have helpers available, Mo and I have been working on blind hides in unfamiliar areas, which is what you see here. No sound in this video because my helper had to field a phone call from her 100-year-old grandfather just before shooting, and she talked with him throughout the video.

Mo shows his puppy side here through distractions outside the search perimeter (we’re in a public park with people and dogs walking by) and by playing a little rodeo with his lead. (He’s still sometimes chewing on leashes, especially when my older daughter walks him. She just let him destroy one yesterday.)

What I find fascinating is that twice in this video after I refocus Mo on the task at hand he goes straight to the area of a target; one time he even went straight to it and alerted immediately, as if he already knew it was there. I went back and looked for body language indicating earlier recognition when he was in that area (1:01-1:05 or so), but I couldn’t see any.