Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Hi: I was taping today for lesson 5, but, I am not posting this as we hit a snag. I am not sure if the weather which was much more windy than usual. The amount of the time the hide was in the ground from 10 mins, for the first one or 1 mins for the second try, or just what was the problem? The first hide was earlier today with tins buried for about 10 mins, in the forest type area, blind hides so Wolfy and I did not have any idea where they were other than the area. This did not go well, I felt that Wolfy was stressed and feeling pressure, (I managed to manufacture hides for him by throwing a tin out when he was struggling) I was trying to encourage him. (I think this was stressing him out more) He did find the hide eventually, but it was a lot of work and I did not consider it a very productive training session. He just was not on today. The second time (later in the day) I tried in my front yard, 2 blind hides, this was the same response, and I had to manufacture a hide. He was really not into the game today, not sure if it was me the weather or? He was certainly more off than usual. I was wondering if the time in the ground was an issue, and hiding it in dirt. He did try to dig some holes in the dirt, but not at the right spot, he seems really stressed out today. I will try tomorrow and see if he is the same or not.
Any ideas on this? I made sure he ended the session on a find and reward but he is quite tired now.