Reply To: Mary & Lola


This is the same area Salu was. Same park as last week only a different area. Lola has not been here prior.

Again, the leaves are damp but the ground is dry. I brought Lola here after Salu this morning to see if she could find the remaining tea balls (btw… these are buries and not marked. They were placed last night and although I know the area they were placed I don’t know where so I’m calling this “pretty blind”). She became frustrated and showed no sign of finding a scent (not really like Lola). We went back to the car and I placed the ones Salu found earlier under some damp leaves and we waited 10-15 minutes. This video is from that point on.
What’s VERY apparent is that once Lola finds one her whole attitude changes and it really hit home how important even manufactured success can be to the feeling of the game. So, are manufactured successes something you, as a handler, will do continuously during the “hunt”? I also saw first hand the importance of moisture in relation to the scent. Lola is a complete 180 from 20 minutes prior when the scent were in dry ground.
Again, I’m more comfortable with Lola staying at this level and practicing at different locations. It takes her awhile to feel comfortable and adjust but I think the more we practice this the more fun she’ll with new enviornments.
Oh, and as we were leaving Lola gets excited and finds another tea ball that we buried the day before. BIG party over that!!