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These targets had been in 3.5hrs
In this vid she hits the first target at 1.42ish the second she seems to be on almost straight away. the third she has a bit more difficulty with getting a little bit confused with the first target. she’s on it from at least 3.03. Just before at about 2.58- 2.59 she gives a tiny little twitch / look to her right and i think shes caught a whiff of something there. May have been a little premature on encouraging her on the last one. Love watching her work at this pace, now the scents seem to be more dispersed/ weaker she has slowed down and is working far more effectively.

Next time I’m on the orchard looking for the real thing what going to be the best way to manufacture a find? is it going to be just throwing one out there as i’ve done previously? I only ask be cause these kind of targets are clearly different in scent pattern, shape strength whatever you’d call it ! to a buried target thats been in the ground for a few hours.

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