Reply To: Tim & Molly


Hi Alana,

Thanks for the detailed info. here is a picture of the Orchard. the trees are quite close together with quite narrow alleys formed by all the grasses that don’t get cut by the mower thses alley are about 10-12 feet wide, the prevailing wind blows at a right angle to the alleys. The soil up here is dampish we’ve had plenty of rain this summer! when I’ve been up here I’ve tried to go when conditions are best ie at the weekend I went up after we had a wet morning and then an hour or two of sun, even I could smell the grasses and trees and my sense of smell is bad even for a human!

‘When you practice on the orchard- stage a couple things. How does that go, is that what you have been doing when you checked previously.’

In the above are you saying have I been burying targets on the orchard? if so the answer is no. I can’t see any reason why it would be any different from some of the other areas been training on. my main issue up here is making sure I get Molly over the ground effectively. I think the alleys or lanes make it more difficult for the scent to travel around. so I will need to very careful not move to quickly allowing her to cover the ground thoroughly.

The next vid I put up will show she s starting to slow down after her initial excitement, this will help. looking for the longer cooked scents has made her ‘look’ more carefully