Reply To: Mary & Salu

Alana McGee

It is perfectly OK Mary to be excited and accept any alert in these situations. In fact, in this case, it is more than okay, it is preferred. Don’t expect or require super hard & fast criteria when you are changing the game to a much more complex scenario. If he offers it, awesome, but this is still a new place. You don’t have to have 100% compliance so to speak.

0:11 really nice Salu! Notice ever here how it is not as exact- that is A-OK. See that Log, see where he is, see where you are? Things are in the way, that’s okay. If he approached from a different angle and you were in a different spot it might have looked different. He told you where it was clearly. Right now, that’s what we are going for. Well done team. Very well done.
His re-alert here was fantastic. Laying on a log is awkward. even more kudos. His expression is great there.

NICE transition to the next one.

Even better transition after that- no cue needed!

2:00 awesome- he had nose touch duration there! You may not have even intended it, but hey! that’ll be great later.

2nd video 0:26- YAY. This is great. We should start to call him Mr. precision.

These were really good set ups and scenarios at a perfect level for him. Nicely done.

That IS interesting about the alert- I chuckled and FANTASTIC. That is exactly what he is doing. Really well done and persistent on his part. you can see him starting to get a bit tired after that one- but that was great.

Well Done Mary on setting Salu up for success.