Reply To: Mary & Lola

Alana McGee

Hi Mary!

For stickers & Burrs, ah yes the Lagotto Nemesis. Poor Lola.

So, shorter cut coats, in cool enough weather protective gear (we use ruffwear cloud chaser jackets), and CORNSTARCH liberally applied and worked through hair. Like everywhere. Lolo will have puffs coming off of her when I pet her but it works. I keep a huge jug in my car 😉

Also I know an italian who has sprayed the dog with PAM before…..

I’d ask in one of the Lagotto groups online via FB. It has come up before I think there were some other suggestions too.

We would say go for it with the white oil- just make sure you do a bit of imprinting and some easier hides to make sure she understands it is part of the bigger game still, and that this counts as an odor to find!

It looks really nice in the first video Mary! Nice re-alerts and all! Tall grass/ bushes is hard, she’s doing really well- also considering she doesn’t normally wear a harness nor drag a leash. Well done. You can see the stickers starting to collect on her face, and while she’s trying to fight through it you can see her getting to a point where she’s like get this offffffff! She loves hunting though, that is for sure. When it first happens you can see a slight shift in her energy, but that drive and determination is still there. Sweet Lola!

2nd Video 0:14 REALLY nice searching. She’s using the Log here as a vehicle for scent transfer and as a guidepost. Really nice alerts. This was good Mary. You can see her working through things and it is certainly more difficult, but it doesn’t seem to pose a problem for Lola (burrs aside). She is handling the distractions/ complications REALLY well.IT’s very impressive. It is also incredibly clear she loves doing this, which is so lovely to see!

Your video skills are great! Well done.