Reply To: Bev & Wolfy


Hi: Here is lesson 4.
We are in the park behind our yard. There is mostly old growth trees here with Cedar and Fir.
Wolfy has walked in this park all his life, we also had practiced, 3 years ago some search and rescue training here. This is the first time searching for truffles in this environment. He seems pretty comfortable here, and seems happy. There are a few minutes in the beginning he is hunting for those black squirrels, (you can see him looking up in the trees) but for the most part he is searching pretty well. I was very pleased with his efforts. (There is a lot of wildlife around this park)
The original video is 5:27, and even though I chopped a lot of reward sequence out it is still over 3 mins, but I did not want to take out more than that. I did more rewarding with the first chicken and then the ball 3 or 4 times before we started the next hunt for the truffle. Oh, and by the way, I am sporting my new backpack for truffle hunting! Pretty trendy for me! 🙂