Reply To: Mary & Lola


We are at the same park as Salu and I were earlier in the day. The ground is still very damp but the foliage has dried out (it’s around noon).

We came earlier (9ish) with the long leash but that doesn’t work for Lola – she needs more “freedom” and it just made her frustrated so she came home and took a nap for a few hours now we’re trying again with a short leash.

I think she’s doing well, she’s anxious as there’s a few other dogs around walking (on leash) and she’s only been here a couple times. There are 2 videos as she had to take a short break. She did find the 5/6 scents – all of which has been “cooking” for about 15 minutes. The tea balls have summer truffles and the spice jars have PNW oil.

Poor Lola – the very last find she rolls around to get some brush off her face and completely covered herself in tiny burrs – her whole face and head. Even one eye was matted shut. I’ve been cutting them out as I can (tonight is a bath) but any suggestions for getting them out or preventing in the future would be awesome.

Also, I have some of your white truffle oil – I was going to start doing some imprinting with Lola and she had she did in the back yard with it. Your thoughts??[video][/video]