Reply To: Assignment 3


I have a choice of 2 facilities but one is bigger than the other and I am aiting for their 2016 booking calendar to be loaded online so I can book dates.

if starting in January/February considerations are:

Weather – if wet and mild winter then little impact on classes but if we get snow the whole county grinds to a halt! The good thing though is the hall is on a road that does receive attention form the local council so weather would need to be really bad. However I may consider setting the schedule to run Febriary into March.

Half-term is in February and varies across the county within a 2 week timeframe so will need to take into account when setting dates.

Likely to set the class for an evening (between 7-9) or a Saturday morning. The agility season would impact on attendance on Saturday mornings during the Spring and Summer but can look at new dates once the first session is run.

After Christmas is a good time to start as people make New Year’s resolution to do more with their dogs and we see a sharp increase in uptake in classes at that time. All types os scentowrk are the “in-thing” in the UK at the moment so any classes or workshops are snapped up. Easter and Summer holiday season are the times when numbers decrease slightly.