Reply To: Mary & Salu


Well, after a rocky several days it finally cooled off and we got some rain… Salu’s a happy boy…

We are at the park I posted picture of originally. There are deer here (a fawn was 4-5 feet from Lola and me as we were practicing a few days ago), dogs, people and many distractions in general. A cold front came through yesterday and it’s rained all evening, night and morning and much cooler – 50’s so everything, including Salu, is soaking wet. These scent have been cooking various times – anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours.

We came here a few days ago and just played around with some tea balls. I’d throw them off the path and Salu would find them on the way back. He did “ok”… one time he literally walked right over one as he no doubt was focused on another scent at the time.

This morning he did very well. I made a video earlier (he found 5!!) and when I got home and reviewed it I discovered I was so excited at his focus that I had not been asking for proper alerts. So… I took Lola up to check things out while Salu rested and we came back and recorded the two videos here. We took a short break between these two clips to give him a break – basically just a walk around the open area so he could sniff away…

I posted two videos as I thought his alert on the second one was pretty interesting.. He’s never done that before. Almost like he was demanding I check it out 🙂 . It was in a hard to reach area and in case it matters, that scent was the PNW oil – all the tea balls are summer truffle.[video][/video]