Reply To: Curt & Mo

Alana McGee

Curt this looks good, we have very few comments on this one. Your self analysis is spot on, and we would likely concur on the rock pile based on the fact his behavior looked like he was mapping the area a bit mixed with distraction at 1:41 when he was close! That intense smelling is often more indicative (when combined with his body language) of creepy crawlies making noise under those rocks. It’s interesting how he jumps out and goes back to where odor was previously to try and track it.

0:45 GOOD Curt bringing him back into the game there. Well done. You rewards are nice. NICE nose touch at 1:04.

Are you using some of those fresh black trumpets you found the other day?

He’s working really nicely. This area certainly had some distractions today, and he looks to just be having fun, but he handled all of them well. 2:46 he gave you a paw on that one too!

3:31 really nice.

Overall well done. Good on you for noticing the missed alert in the beginning.