Reply To: Curt & Mo


OK, here’s my week four homework. Blind hides in an area that Mo and I had never been in. Sorry about my videographer’s Blair Witch Project style, if you’re old enough to remember that! She promises to be more steady and leave it panned out next time.

Breeze was flowing right to left. I started on the left side of the training site perimeter, but Mo began by bounding into the tall grass to the right of the search area and taking a very, very long pee. I cut to that point to start the video.

When I went back and watched this, I realized that Mo alerted at 0:12, but I didn’t see it. Unfortunately I was off camera at that time, but I can tell you that I was ducking under the canopy of a bush and making sure that Mo’s check cord wasn’t wrapped around two or three bushes. I totally missed it. Unfortunately Mo didn’t stay at source and re-alert, but he did go back to that one around 0:53.

I think there may have been scent seeping through the rock pile and coming up a bit downhill from the final target that Mo found. A couple times he seemed focused on the rocks in places that proved to be downhill of a target.

After your previous round of feedback, in which you pointed out that puppies change and maybe Mo is not longer intimidated by touch coming down from above, my daughter and I seemed to confirm that, so I didn’t worry so much about giving touch praise from below. I do, however, like to get down at Mo’s level to love him up a bit.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!