Reply To: Mary & Salu


Thanks Alana – the learning never stops…Salu makes sure of that 🙂 question for you and/or Kristin..

I’m working with Salu and nose touches with smaller pieces of “naked” truffle…. when it’s in my hand he will nose touch and then immediately lick it. I’ve tried clicking right after the nose touch and then moving my hand but it’s almost simultaneous. My fear is that the lick will be a prelude to the gulp… he does have a “touch” of PICA ;). He will “drop it” with non food items but with food items we are a long ways away..

So my question is… given the above, should I start shaping his alert with a paw touch and move away from the nose alert (at least for now)? I’m thinking the nose touch might just be (at this stage) too much temptation…

Your thoughts??