Reply To: Curt & Mo

Alana McGee

Hi Curt

We want to know. It helps us analyze the situation.

A couple of the later questions are for you to think about to start analyzing training sessions yourself so you can start to see patterns emerge in his behavior. We only see a snap shot of training. Always happy to have you answer questions, but yes, some are for self-reflection, apologies!

We have noticed your touch patterns- touching Mo from the chest/ chin, and it looks improved. How is he now if you were to pet/ reward from the top? He may be more comfortable now, but as you say you notice it with your daughter still. It’s not concerning, but information. Dogs, especially puppies change, so think about that and see if reacts the same way all the time with all people. Just something to think about. In just a normal every day setting.

Thank you for explaining the knee etc- it does provide context. Sorry it’s still stiff!

No need to post the sequence here, what you described about your stiffness is a pretty good indication that is likely part of it. Nothing to be concerned about really, again, it is all information. We’ll watch going forward and there may be times we ask for the whole unedited thing.

The enthusiasm thing can be subtle, but yes, I often find that neighbors think I am the crazy dog lady next door when we are in the yard or at the park practicing because for a couple the dogs I aim to be really over the top. Even for simple retrieves from my Aussie (as it is not a natural skill for him. Lots of very loud “good for you!” ) It takes getting used to, but can make a big difference 😉 Love it that your daughter is reading “the genius of dogs”.

You are doing well guys! Hope the weeks going well so far.