Reply To: Annie & Dottie

Alana McGee

Hi Annie

This quote ” I started by hiding a target where we enter the search area, in the hopes that she would stumble upon it. She did! “ HUZZAH that’s great!

Love your description of positive take-aways from this session

It may not be that she is always uninterested in the toy. We’ll see. We would encourage you to still bring it out and see if she decides to play with it. It may be a nice way later, when you are working on endurance to take a ‘play break’ so don’t throw it out just yet! She’s communicating with you and you are amazingly receptive, so well done Annie 🙂

0:06 NICE head check! yay! Right off the bat we can tell the energy is different here.

0:40 REALLY nice placement of encouragement Annie. Well well done. Yay. She looks very happy here. You can see it in the ears 😉

1:08 LOVE it. This seems to be going well this session and the energy shift is palpable. She’s working hard here and excited about it. Double yay. Lots of smiles. 1:39 was a great try with the toy and you were engaging, but she was still in for the hunt. That’s great too. Not something you’ve seen yet, but you handle it well.

This looks really nice Annie, not to much to say for altering anything. You both look wonderful and happy and having fun. She’s working the space well and her energy stays maintained the entire time. 2:45 is a great one under the tree. Added stimuli, she worked pretty hard for it, and a very pretty very clear alert.

Yay Team!